Blair urges air strikes against Scotland in event of ‘Yes’ vote



Tony Blair at it again.

Pride's Purge


Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has urged the UK government to consider military action against Scotland in the event of a vote for independence.

Mr Blair, who was prime minister between 1997 and 2007, broke his silence in the debate over Scottish independence to urge air strikes – including the use of the Trident independent nuclear deterrent – against Scottish strategic targets in the event of a ‘Yes’ victory next Thursday.

Interviewed in Kiev, Mr Blair said on Saturday that he hoped Scots would vote against independence, but warned that if Scotland voted to break up the United Kingdom then military intervention would be inevitable:

Obviously I hope that Scotland votes to stay part of the United Kingdom. But Scotland should prepare itself for a full-scale invasion by ground forces if it doesn’t.

Mr Blair’s comments came just weeks after the former PM called for NATO leaders to agree a joint campaign of targeted…

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12 thoughts on “Blair urges air strikes against Scotland in event of ‘Yes’ vote

    • I’ve stumbled across another Adam Curtis documentary (from 2003) that reveals that Blair was lying through his teeth when he announced Iraq had weapons of mass destruction – he knew the intelligence was fabricated but promoted it to enhance his own political power.


  1. DR. You got it wrong for first time Blair really wants yes vote so they can setup Vatacan Two for the old Pope can live and Chukies wife can be Queen


  2. Not a problem. Just sit down and have a Scotch and then take out the Scotch tape and bind Blair to restrain him.

    Tubularsock is with carolhand here “. . . after Gaza, Detroit, and Ferguson, etc., I no longer doubt the depths people in power will sink . . .”


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