Ukraine Government Forces were Defeated Prior to “Cease Fire*


What the corporate media isn’t telling you about the ceasefire in Ukraine. After massive casualties and desertions, they were hoping for NATO forces to back them. When Germany and France vetoed this at the NATO summit in Wales, they had no choice but to agree to a ceasefire.

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Ukraine Government Forces were Defeated Prior to “Cease Fire*

By Michel Chossudovsky

Media disinformation prevails with regard to Donbass.

World public opinion is unaware that prior to the signing of a “cease fire”, Kiev forces had already experienced a devastating defeat, with casualties estimated well in excess of ten thousand. This tragic loss of life has not been reported by the MSM.  From both Kiev and US-NATO’s point of view they are “cannon fodder”. 

Ukraine government forces have been in retreat. Thousands of soldiers have been killed. Thousands more have refused to fight and have abandoned the battlefield.  Soldiers from Ukraine government forces have also sought refuge in Russia. The Donbass rebels have made overtures to Ukraine government soldiers to enable them to leave the war zone.

President Poroshenko accepted the 7 point cease fire agreement on September 5,  to enable Ukrainian troops to withdraw rather than surrender. 

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2 thoughts on “Ukraine Government Forces were Defeated Prior to “Cease Fire*

    • I agree with Derrick Jensen’s analysis of resource wars, like the current one in Ukraine: when countries and peoples refuse to give up their resources voluntarily, western capitalists declare war on them.


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