BUSTED!!!!! Is Our Government Is Running Fake Twitter Accounts To Sway Popular Opinion Against Michael Brown and #Ferguson



How the US government is running fake twitter accounts (through troll bots) to sway popular opinion against Michael Brown and #Ferguson. I guess they’re trying to counteract the effect of the “black twitter” hashtag protest over Brown’s shooting. See how blacktwitter made michael brown’s death front_page_news

The MadMan Chronicles

in today’s “GTFOHWTBS news…

Our loyal MadMan Libba brought this to our attention.. no preamble… just watch and decide for yourself.  Thanks Libba!

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7 thoughts on “BUSTED!!!!! Is Our Government Is Running Fake Twitter Accounts To Sway Popular Opinion Against Michael Brown and #Ferguson

  1. They’ve already admitted they did this, they troll youtube as well. They are feeding the ignorance that is already there, like Constantine before, mind control is easy when the population is willfully ignorant and it’s so very disappointing.


      • They will pay one person to have as many as 100 accounts/usernames. They are really desperate to hang on to the nightmare world they created. But if ppl would think for themselves, this wouldn’t work. At some point a majority has to snap out of it or we’re all doomed to experience a terrible event, be it financial collapse or WWIII. We’re not in Kansas anymore.


  2. With a youth unemployment rate between 20-25%, I can understand why poor people at the bottom of the heap would accept payment for doing this shit. It’s really hard to be picky about the kind of work you accept when you’re only other choice is to sleep on the street and eat out of dumpsters.

    In Seattle, I had clients who informed and performed other tasks for the FBI and DEA. The federal government doesn’t really pay them very much and all of them also had income from welfare or social security disability.

    The only way I know to stop people from accepting this kind of work is to organize the kind of unemployed movement that enables working people to pool their resources to make sure the jobless can get off the street at night and have half way nourishing meals.


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