What Do Putin’s Advisers Know?



Excellent analysis of current US efforts to destabilize Europe – and the steady erosion of the Washington consensus – by one of Putin’s advisers. Quite frankly he makes Obama’s foreign policy advisers look like knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

Ronald Thomas West

When it comes to Ukraine, you can listen (sub-titled) right here:

One would presume Putin’s close advisers have access to Russian intelligence, and Sergei’s assessment lines up very well with this sites open source analysis:

Ukraine for Dummies

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10 thoughts on “What Do Putin’s Advisers Know?

    • The irrationality has been a steady creep from at least the 1960’s with the numerous political assassinations (the Kennedy brothers, PhD King Jr., Malcolm X, Edgar Medgars, and others).
      A noticeable jump in irrational politics again emerged in Reagan’s era rising with the first Bush, then with the 2000 rigged elections and supreme court intervention to install the son “W” (Dubyah) Bush and their Project for a New American Century (PNAC) that promoted the 2001 9/11 “New Pearl Harbor” false flag ops.

      I can only speculate that many “Smart” People resigned and left offices out of fear and disgust over the decades. A gang of thugs remains in politics and banking using strong-arm tactics and cowboy diplomacy.

      Yes, I am aware that is over simplification, but the trend is noticed by many of us living the in the USA over the decades and I am still surprised that the cabal can remain protected and continue their unpopular and criminal activities with impunity.

      My reasoned guess is that a major social clash is inevitable in the continental U.S. and the preparatory events are happening with the conservatives’ “Tea Party”, the liberals’ “Occupy” movements and now the police-use-of-deadly-force in the streets…
      The wildcard that I have not seen successfully played yet, is the Court room. Legal suits against individuals in political office and executives in major banks are still pending over the years and new ones are still being filed.

      Do not give up on the People living in America, just yet.


  1. After five years on the hill, I noticed how lobbyist, think tankers, staffers and oh the poor members of congress were so over fed by a long lunch and too much of that liquid stuff; no one could possibly think or come up with an elegant one sentence solution. I never hoped for an entire paragraph. By the time the sun set on the hill, I knew the next day would be the same as the day before.


    • How incredibly sad. Apparently this is what happened in the Roman empire. The Roman senate and the ruling elite who controlled it knew the empire was collapsing and they coped by excessive self-indulgence: gorging themselves (and vomiting afterwards in vomitoriums) and engaging in drunken orgies and other sexual perversions. Apparently gluttony becomes a major preoccupation in dying empires. Perhaps this explains all the cooking shows.


      • I always note the distinction between the U.S. hegemony, and Roman empire:
        The USA has dual personality with the empire forming in stealth mode. For most decades the “empire” was denied in public and the people when asked would fail to identify the U.S. as a empire. Certainly the efforts by the ruling elite had plans to the contrary.
        A book is needed to tease the truth of what I am saying with facts to support.
        Yet everyone who are unaware that only recently has the majority of Americans became aware of the true “empire” role: of the massive ignorance that the U.S. had been a captured state and used as a military arm to protect the world’s monetary policy with the U.S. Dollar as the reserve currency. The hegemony may be in a transition cycle as we speak and the banking and debt crisis continues.


  2. Again in total agreement, Ron. I and most of my friends knew the US had become an empire – ever since we were old enough to know about Mark Twain’s work in the anti-imperialist league.

    Now the ruling oligarchs are so brazen and full of themselves that they’re willing to declare the US an empire. Hopefully this blind arrogance will hasten their downfall.


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