The Corporate/CIA Role in the Rise of Fundamentalism

thy will be done

Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil

By Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett

1995 Harper Collins

I recently picked up this book again – after reading it when it first came out nearly 20 years ago. Charlotte Dennett, one of the authors, got a of media attention prior to Obama’s election in 2008, due to her her efforts to bring murder charges against George W. Bush.

Thy Will Be Done lays out the systematic economic colonization of the Amazon Basin by US corporate interests (led by Nelson Rockefeller) and the CIA – and their unscrupulous use of fundamentalist missionaries and Bible translators to indoctrinate and displace indigenous tribes who stood in the way of clear cutting for agriculture and oil and mineral extraction.

As CIA-liaison during the Eisenhower administration, Rockefeller developed close and enduring relationships at the CIA. This would lead to an ongoing collaboration in opening up Central and South America – and Southeast Asia – to U.S. corporate interests.

In addition to examining the Rockefeller/CIA campaign to introduce fundamentalist Christianity to the native tribes of Central and South America, this 960-page book also catalogs, in extensive detail, the full range of illegal CIA activities (and direct or indirect involvement of Rockefeller and the Rockefeller Foundation) under Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter.

The book also chronicles the CIA role in installing brutal genocidal dictatorships in Guatemala and El Salvador.

The material presented is from presidential libraries, declassified documents and Congressional. It’s meticulously referenced and features a comprehensive index.


9 thoughts on “The Corporate/CIA Role in the Rise of Fundamentalism

  1. Interesting that Billy Graham’s son Franklin was at it in Iraq. The main problem with Rockefeller’s religious convictions is that he doesn’t seem to have read the New Testament, you know about looking after the poor, the rich being excluded from Heaven and letting the CIA use missionaries and Bible translators to advance a US corporate agenda – against the poor of our economic colonies.


  2. An elderly aunt (who since passed away) and I had a slightly different outlook on Central America during the Reagan contra years. She was a strong Christian and I had some understanding of the reasons for Reagan administration actions/killing Nicaraguans. She was somewhat taken aback that I would be critical of Reagan policies, and was apologetic for Reagan. She said “but, they’re communists”, which in her mind justified killing them. Quite a revelation.


    • Sounds like she never got around to reading the New Testament. Jesus was a communist. And Revolution Theology, which led much of Latin America to rebel against their CIA-installed puppet dictators, is based entirely on Christ’s teachings.


  3. So, besides the military / industrial complex there is a capitalist / fundamentalist/ secrete service complex as well? What chance do we, the multitude, have? But you are right, when Jesus said the poor will inherit the Earth he actually made a call for revolution.


    • The CIA also promoted the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East – except in Israel, where they brought fundamentalist Jews to power. People are born with an innate yearning for freedom and self-expression. Fundamentalism is an ideal political tool to suffocate that yearing.

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