We Won: Mining Sector in Shock


source: Wikimedia Commons

Response to my April submission opposing Sand Mining

Dear Stuart Bramhall

I am writing to you to let you know that the Decision-making Committee for this application has made its decision. You are being notified of the decision as you made a submission to the application.  If you requested a hard copy of the decision when you made a submission, this will be sent you in the next few days.

The application by Trans-Tasman Resources to carry out iron sand mining in the South Taranaki Bight has been refused

A full copy of the decision is available on the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) website at http://www.epa.govt.nz/EEZ/trans_tasman/decision/Pages/default.aspx.

According to the New Zealand Herald, “The mining sector is in shock.” It’s hard work, but when people organize, it’s still possible to defeat powerful international corporations


7 thoughts on “We Won: Mining Sector in Shock

    • Thanks, Linda. As you can imagine we’re all pretty giddy right now. Our next priority is shutting down fracking in New Zealand. We’ve just gotten a very favorable report from the Commissioner of the Environment. She wants the government to put major regulations in place and we’re hoping it will be too expensive, given the pitiful economic return with the current oil/gas glut.

      We’re conducting a What the Frack tour on Sat and I hope to get some good photos with the digital camera my daughter gave me. These fracking rigs are incredible eyesores in a pristine farming community, especially with all the gas flaring they do. Even worse they’re building them next to schools.

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