Untold Truths About War on Iran

Below is a mind boggling half hour Press TV documentary about former White House adviser Gwynneth Todd. In it she briefly describes the battle she, and others in the Pentagon establishment, waged to fight efforts by AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) to provoke a US attack on Iran.

Todd strongly implicates AIPAC in the US decision to invade Iraq. As she tells it, the disastrous ten year occupation of Iraq was less about securing its oil for US oil companies – than about securing a NATO foothold in the Middle East to invade Iran.

It’s clear AIPAC has their own powerful allies in the Pentagon, who have gone a lot further than manufacturing phony propaganda about Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons industry (which, according to the CIA, is non-existent). These people play really dirty, and their efforts to shut Todd up included the murder of one of her Turkish clients.

Todd escaped to Australia in 2007 to afford prosecution on trumped up charges – or worse.

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8 thoughts on “Untold Truths About War on Iran

  1. Playing dirty is an understatement, Stuart. I would contend that the Iraq invasion was mostly about bringing disaster capitalism to the oil rich nation and that establishing strategic positions against Iran as well as projecting dominance was an ancillary benefit.


  2. What’s more mind-boggling, besides the Gwynneth Todd documentary, is that Ms. Todd has never testified before a congressional committee about her revelations. There should be a full-blown investigation since this story makes both Watergate and Bill Clinton’s impeachment look like traffic court. That no congressman or senator has called for an investigation is the truly mind-boggling aspect with regard to Gwynneth Todd. Perhaps a man or woman reading here have political connections in Washington and can break through, because high crimes were committed – most notably the assassination of Ms. Todd’s wealthy Turkish friend, who acted honorably. Thanks.


    • I’m still waiting for the congressional investigation into the murder of a postal worker and activist named Oscar Manassa I was promised in 1992. I worked with Oscar in the late 80s and describe his murder in my memoir.


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