Unelected Regime Begins Killing Spree in Eastern Ukraine


With fanatical, irregular forces, armored vehicles, and aircraft including warplanes and helicopter gunships, the unelected government in Kiev has undertaken a war against their own people. That the US and EU are supporting this regime in terrorizing the Ukrainian people is a total reversal of the so called “responsibility to protect” they advocated in both Libya and Syria.

As Cartalucci points out at the end of his article: the west has already lost in Ukraine. With the people of Crimea choosing to rejoin Russia and with unrest spreading across eastern Ukraine, the notion of a “united” Ukraine shifting West is unlikely if not indefinitely impossible.

3 thoughts on “Unelected Regime Begins Killing Spree in Eastern Ukraine

  1. Not Just Regime Change but Destruction of the Nation-State: Chaos and Anarchy in Failed State of Libya Tragic Monuments to CIA’s Policy of Color Revolutions, “Humanitarian” Bombing

    Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
    Thanks for the heads up on Dr Tarpley he has Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski and Obama plan to incircle Russia ans China down to a tee


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