Is the President Being Blackmailed?


 Whistleblower Reveals NSA Spied on Obama Before 2004

In 2005, NSA whistleblower Russ Tice exposed illegal and unconstitutional NSA involvement in widespread surveillance against lawmakers, the Supreme Court and the American public. In the video below, he reveals the NSA was spying on Barack Obama long before his 2004 election to the senate.

Back in 2005, the corporate media dismissed Tice’s allegations, based on NSA assertions he was mentally ill and a liar. Now, based on Edward Snowden’s momentous disclosures, he feels 75% of his claims have been vindicated. He promises there are even more shocking disclosures to come.

Tice states that the Washington Post informed the NSA two weeks before Snowden went public that they had a leak, necessitating Snowden’s urgent flight from Hawaii to Hong Kong.

He also reveals that NSA was already spying on Obama and his family and staff long even before he ran for the US senate. He hypothesizes the NSA may be blackmailing the President, just as former FBI director J Edgar Hoover used his extensive files on Kennedy’s sex life to blackmail John F Kennedy.

According to Tice, this may explain why Obama has reversed himself on so many of his campaign promises, especially those related to the restoration of constitutional civil liberties.

Former intelligence insider Wayne Madsen and other pundits have speculated that Obama is being blackmailed over gay sexual activity in his past.

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11 thoughts on “Is the President Being Blackmailed?

  1. I thought of that a while back. But if that’s true he’s not a leader. He’s no JFK, MLK. He should tell the truth on live TV. That would give him some protection. But then I also consider he’s a corrupted politician and part of the cabal. Either way, he’s worthless to the country. No balls or a robot, I’m sick of him.


  2. It doesn’t really matter if he is being blackmailed because even if it is true that at one point, he was ‘confused’ about his sexuality and he experimented with homosexuality, with everyone falling out of the closet now, who the hell cares? If he were being blackmailed, he could have called an impromptu press conference and right on ‘live’ TV, announced just what the hell was going on.

    If a person doesn’t take a stand, then they’ll fall for anything. If you portray yourself one way and then do a complete about face, then who or what are you? Hell! Look at all of the scandals that have come down the pike. What about Mark Sanford, former governor of South Carolina and now the ‘honorable’ representative of said state? And there are plenty more where that came from. I do realize that Anthony Weiner with his ‘sex’ scandal didn’t exactly make a come-back but it’s a toss-up when in the political arena.

    So, even if Obama is being blackmailed, it does not excuse his duplicity, not at all.


    • Dr. Bramhall, he can’t ‘man up’ while wearing soccer mom jeans!

      And of course, your comment about Obama’s lack of ‘integrity and strength of character’ is as always, right on the money!

      This was an interesting post though!


  3. What got me started research assaination was W Madson report on Obama Mothers and her Fathers connection to CIA. I had a holy sh*t moment reading O mother working for Tim Guinthers Father and John McCloy Ford Foundation.
    Obama has allways spoken from left and ruled from right


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