Blowing the Whistle on Homeland Security


Another Whistleblower Fights Back

Despite all the public support the Edward Snowden case has generated, the majority of whistleblowers suffer in silence. Below is an mind blowing interview with former US Customs inspector Julia Davis, who was declared a domestic terrorist by the Department of Homeland Security for following established protocol in reporting a potential security threat. In this case, the threat concerned border crossings of 25 individuals with known links to terrorist groups. As Davis indicates, she never dreamed of becoming a whistleblower – she was merely doing her job.

When she inadvertently exposed corrupt practices in the intelligence community, DHS retaliated by charging her with domestic terrorism. Although she was imprisoned twice, though she was ultimately exonerated of all charges.

DHS later justified the domestic terrorism charge on the basis she supposedly made derogatory statements about DHS. Davis tells a different story. She asserts the label of “domestic terrorist” is a ploy used against prospective whistleblowers because the Patriot Act denies terrorists important Constitutional protections.

She has come to the conclusion that the main function of DHS isn’t to protect Americans from terrorism but to harass dissidents and whistleblowers.

Davis has helped produce a documentary about her ordeal called Top Priority

Among other projects, she is undertaking an independent investigation of the systematic harassment against her husband and one of her supporters – both have died under mysterious circumstances.

photo credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District via photopin cc

6 thoughts on “Blowing the Whistle on Homeland Security

  1. The soldiers that gave their lives in WWI and WWII died in vain. We have become the very forces we were fighting. Until military and police personnel become aware of the gov’t coup, we don’t have a chance of fixing things.


  2. I think they are already very much aware – that this explains the growth and popularity of Oath Keepers among military, “Peace Officers”, national guard and firefighters. By joining Oath Keepers, they pledge to honor their oath to defend the Constitution. If you check out the web page, there’s a big banner stating “Snowden honored his oath”:


    • I think it’s been pretty clear all along that the Patriot Act is directed at activists, dissidents and whistleblowers. It was already written when the Twin Towers were blown up in Sept 2001. This event was just a pretext. Especially since the vast preponderance of evidence suggests that 911 was instigated and carried out by intelligence insiders who were also seeking a pretext for declaring war on Afghanistan and Iraq.


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