Is a College Degree Worth the Cost?


The Best Educated Janitors in the World

Given the $962 billion Americans owe in student loan debt, it seems reasonable to ask what a college degree buys them in employability and future income.

Not much according to a recent Online Degree feature revealing that 33,655 PhDs and 239,029 master’s degree recipients are on food stamps. American janitors are the most educated in the world, with 5,000 of them holding doctorates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 1/3 of US college graduates work in jobs not requiring a bachelor’s degree.

Peter Schiff’s recent encounter with college grads in New Orleans is also extremely revealing:

photo credit: an untrained eye via photopin cc

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2 thoughts on “Is a College Degree Worth the Cost?

  1. Hi Doc – College education should be free at State universities through the Bachelors level. I went to the City University of NY WHEN IT WAS FREE!! It was the way out of poverty. Regards.


  2. College education was free in New Zealand until Roger Douglas scrapped the student allowance system in the mid-eighties and replaced it with a student loan scheme that’s responsible for more than half our college graduates emigrating to Australia or the UK. As in Europe, neoliberalism is replacing democratic socialism – and the concept that providing free health care are essential to promoting real wealth (commonwealth) in a society. Instead of creating real wealth now, all we’re doing is transferring more and more dollars from poor people to the extremely rich.


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