5 thoughts on “The Multibillion Dollar Depression Industry

  1. You certainly know what you are talking about. I agree on every single point. I have long pointed out the fact that back in my early days, we didn’t hear of mental diagnoses that really make no sense at all. People were able to rely on each other for support and social life. That is not the case today as we are more isolated than ever. And just because we are on Facebook and Twitter, that does not take the place of eye-to-eye contact and body language and actually taking the time to sit down with one another, one on one. That is practically unheard of now.

    In my opinion, the business of psychiatry is to bring more patients into the “you need to be heavily medicated” fold. “Here, take these ‘happy’ pills.” When I lived in Baltimore, MD, the government monitored methadone program that was to aid recovering heroin addicts, they would be given such a high dose of methadone that those people would just stand in the middle of the sidewalk and weeble and wobble and bend almost down to their ankles because they were so out of it. So, they weren’t being ‘cured’, they were just changed from one addiction to another. I used to just look at them in complete bewilderment because I expected them to just fall right on over, but they never did. When I moved to Minnesota, the people who are participants in the methadone program were not as heavily medicated. This led me to believe that those people in Baltimore, MD were giving too high of a dose of methadone and this I think is done deliberately. Just as I think that every time we turn around, a new mental diagnosis is popping up from seemingly out of nowhere.

    I do not think that it bodes well for us when we hear that we should take ‘Cymbalta’, an antidepressant because it will cure those aches and pains that come with depression. Could that not have the potential for patients to not be listened to when they complain of pain and it gets no attention because it is attributed to their so-called, ‘depression’? It just amazes me what we put up with and what we will accept and not question what makes no sense at all. If I have a pain, I am not attributing it to depression, I am going to see what the heck is causing it.

    StuartBramhall, thank you for posting this. It needs a wider audience, that’s for sure because America is the pill popping capital of the world. We feel down, we take a pill. If a child is rambunctious, the child is given a diagnosis and a pill or several. This is all way past ridiculous!

    Again, thank you!


  2. Thank you, Shelby, for your very thoughtful comment. In my clinical experience, lots of medical problems can masquerade as depression. Usually severe pain triggers depression – not the other way around.In my opinion, the intrusion of Big Pharma into the practice of medicine has destroyed the art (and science) of diagnosis.


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