Cellphones and Brain Tumors

 Insurance Companies Cease Coverage for Cellphone-Related Cancer


Check out the video below to see why cancer patients are filing class actions lawsuits against cellphone manufacturers. Why brain tumors have overcome leukemia as the most common childhood killer. And why cellphone manufacturers have invested billions of dollars to keep this information from the American public.

photo credit: Spitzgogo_CHEN (Nokia 6230i) via photopin cc

Originally published in Veterans Today

5 thoughts on “Cellphones and Brain Tumors

  1. Solution: a cell phone wagon that has a handle at least 10 mm long. An entirely new field of manufacturing. It’s almost as good as the “pet rock”!

    It is always amazing to Tubularsock just how callus the profit motive happens to be.


  2. I think there might be something other than the profit motive at work here. I’ve been following the saga of Apple stockholders who are suing the company over their failure to pay dividends: http://meansstotheend.wordpress.com/2013/10/29/well-played/

    It seems to me like the US economy is no longer being run by profit motive but by commissars in upper level management who pay themselves obscene salaries and stash it all in the Cayman Islands.


  3. I was going to say that the same insurance companies that have a stake in the cell phones companies, now refuse to pay for the damage done and a plethora of side-effects. But, indeed. It is no longer about shareholders, but only about elite investors. The ones that put up the money (and plan) for these companies to exist in the first place. If you are just a shareholder and not an investor, then you are just for their use and misuse. Good point. Oh yeah, and the cancers, uhm. Sorry, “you are just out of luck.”


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